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Before deciding to invest, one should consider if the opportunity is suitable for oneself and one's personal financial position and circumstances. As with any investment, there are a number of potential risks involved. Below is a summary of the major potential risks when investing in our opportunities:

Market risk

If the relevant market drops it may affect the investment’s ability to achieve the targeted performance or even fully recover the amount invested into those markets.

Interest rate risk

Interest rate movements may adversely affect the value of an investment in various ways. Rising interest rates will affect the amount of interest that we will be required to pay during the construction phase of a project, which may affect the profitability of that project.

Liquidity risk

Investors will be unable to withdraw their investment within a project until the end of the investment term which can be delayed.

Mandate risk

Stakeholders do not have direct control over the property development process nor how capital within that project is used.

Regulatory risks

There is a risk that an investment’s operations may be negatively affected by changes to government policies and regulations.

Taxation risks

There is a risk that the taxation treatment of an investment will reduce the returns received by an investor. Therefore Investors should obtain their own advice regarding the taxation implications of an investment in a project.

Environmental risks

Changes to, or unforeseen environmental, archaeological, and ethnographic conditions and requirements may impact the progress and costs of a project. This may result in reduced returns to investors. 

It is the responsibility of the investor to seek external legal and or financial advice before investing with Maax Global. The above list of risks are of a general nature only and more risks may apply in accordance with one’s personal circumstances.

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