The Maax Global business model is a unique and proven model created in-house by our team of experts. Our model has been designed to guide our stakeholders on their journey of property investment with us, providing an opportunity for maximum profitability on each investment. Our Maax Model ensures that our investors’ expectations are met as well as they enjoy a positive and educational experience every time they invest with us.

At Maax Global, we are guided by our directors and a highly experienced team of property experts. Their expert guidance helps us secure englobo parcels of land and commercial projects under our name. Followed by that, we perform our due diligence and prepare and present our potential investors with a Project Report.The Project Report is a detailed and insightful summary of the project location, surroundings, potential, growth, trends, proposed development plans and financial summary. It is that crucial step where we present the opportunity and invite new stakeholders to invest in our project where the investment and financial goals are met for both parties.

Followed by the first step, we work with our financial and property market experts to conclude the individual goals of our investors and their returns based on our in-house financial model. Our financial model allows us to offer both fixed or variable returns, ensuring a guaranteed minimum return and maximum success for all investors. Contracts are signed and the investment journey begins thereafter.

With our highly experienced and capable delivery partners, we work together to create a master planned community, designed to meet the needs and expectations of its future residents. We ensure that the project has a reasonable and thorough delivery timeline, where each project specific milestone is planned and executed at its stipulated time. Meanwhile, our professional and highly experienced sales and marketing partners craft a brilliant branding and marketing strategy and further implement it in the market. The whole Maax Global team comes together to deliver exceptional project presentations and sales strategies, establishing a great position in the marketplace and ensuring maximum financial outcomes for our investors.

Our master planned community vision comes to life with the joint efforts of the property experts at Maax Global and our project delivery and marketing partners. We ensure that construction timelines are met and investors are kept up-to-date as we progress through each stage of the project. These regular updates to our investors and buyers ensure excellent communication throughout the project journey and as each stage of the project is delivered, we handover the titles to our end users who are eventually welcomed to their new community.

Once the project is settled, our investors reap the rewards and the financial returns promised to them on their investments. This is a very exciting time for Maax Global, our delivery partners, marketing partners and investors as we evaluate the project success and celebrate the outcomes.

At Maax Global, we have a wide range of projects that are continually expanding.
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